Residential Electrical Services in Phoenix, AZ


Are You experiencing

Electrical outlets not working, lights flickering, breakers popping, GFCI outlet not working. We can fix all your electrical problems.
Because of the safety risk involved, most electrical work is best left to the professional

electrical troubleshooting

Quick Checks just to make sure:
Is the Switch "On"?
Is the Light Bulb burned out?
Is a GFI Receptacle or GFCI Breaker tripped?
Is a Circuit Breaker tripped or a Fuse blown - If so find out why!

Sometimes troubleshooting is easy and extremely obvious - like a switch that was forgotten about or yes - the light bulb was just burnt out. You may even discover that a GFCI receptacle or breaker was tripped.

The main thing is if you are experiencing any of these issues you should call
Arizona Energy Pros at 602-863-6900
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