Special Financing for Solar Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Solar Loans: Save up to 60% or more with 12 & 20 year residential solar loans

With our more popular loan, the 4.99% 20-year residential solar loan, you can save up to 50% more vs. traditional solar leasing. Our loans are at a fixed payment, no escalator payments unlike lease payments.

Also if you are selling your home our loans add to the value of the home vs leasing which can make it hard to sell your home.

As Arizona's most trusted solar service provider, we've built relationships with the best financial partners in the industry.

Our Goal is to provide the best solar financing options in the valley, and more importantly to make sure you understand those options, and are comfortable with the choices you make, so that you get the most for your solar investment.

Energy Efficient Loans

Our program focus is simple, we want to make the process easy for you to borrow the money you need for your project. We can apply to our financial partners on your behalf. We have loans ranging from 12 to 20 years. Once approved you can immediately start the process of putting solar on your home.

Loans Starting At 3.99% interest


Paying cash is always the best option for the best return on your money.


As mentioned earlier, many banks are now willing to offer loans for the purchase of a solar power system. These loans can be secured (usually by the equity in your home) or unsecured. The loan may even be tax deductible. Banks are also finding that more homeowners also want to own their solar panel systems.
Solar panel installation on roof - Electrical Services in Phoenix, AZ

Solar Purchase Options

Arizona Energy Pros has Arizona's best solar purchase options with both 12 & 20 year residential solar loans.

Qualified buyers could save up to 30% on electricity costs with $0.00 out of pocket in the first year.
Current Monthly Electric Bill
New Monthly Electric Bill + Loan Payment

Solar Tax Credits

There are solar tax credts; from Federal, State and the Utility Companies.

At Arizona Energy Pros Solar, we specialize at utilizing these tax credits for each customer's unique qualifications and needs.

This enables us to give our customers the best price for solar energy available.