Commercial Solar Services in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Energy Pros manages everything you need to power your business with solar energy, from system design and financing to installation and ongoing maintenance. Here are the steps to get started.
  • Commercial Solar Design and installation
  • Solar Financing
  • Permitting
  • Engineering design
  • City inspections
  • Energy Management system
  • Energy Storage Systems (Battery Backup)
  • Off grid design, installation, repair
  • Cleaning
  • Solar System Evaluation and repair
  • Repairing

Financing a solar system

Every business is unique and energy upgrades makes sense for everyone. In order to determine if solar or another energy retrofit makes sense for your business, a consultant will meet with you to understand your energy needs and financial goals; collect 12 months of energy bills to determine how much energy your business is using. Finally, many of the incentives are tax based; so, we will need to understand your tax situation.

We will also identify the incentives, tax credits, grants, and depreciation that significantly decreases the net cost of your installation

Once we have determined what is best for you, we will discuss what technology we have selected and why we selected it. If there is more than one solution we will discuss the cost and benefit of each solution.