Commercial Electrical Services in Phoenix, AZ

Electrical problems can occur at any time and when they do, you need to ensure that your electrical partner knows how to fix them. At Arizona Energy Pros we specialize in troubleshooting and repair. Our professional electricians are very friendly courteous and reliable. We can assess the problem, repair it and get you back to doing what you do best.

Some of the most common commercial electrical problems that we have seen are:

Structural problems that cause issues with the wires. If you have an older building that has not been electrically updated the structure may have issues which can interfere with the electrical runs leading to failures. Additional construction work may need to be done to bring it up to code and make it safe. We can have one of our electricians come by and assess the situation. We can provide you with an analysis of your situation and let you know what it will take to repair it. Electrical failures can happen to any building as it ages over time.

Rodents setting up home in the walls and chewing at the cords can cause problems. These issues can cause unsafe conditions since they can result in the building catching on fire. If there is a rodent problem in a commercial building it should immediately addressed. If the rodents are not dealt with, they will continue to chew through the wires costing you additional time money. By inviting one of our expert electricians to analyze your building to fix your problems you gain peace of mind.

Call to speak with a licensed electrician today to assist you with all your electrical needs. They are able to provide you with an assessment of the commercial wiring in your building and provide a detailed report on what repairs and or upgrades need to be done.